Health Resources -- Dental, Medical, and Vision

ILLNESS POLICY for Spark! Discovery Preschool and St. Vrain Valley Schools:

In English: How Sick is Too Sick?

In Spanish:  ¿Qué tan enfermo es muy enfermo?

Hearing and Vision Screenings:

The school provides annual hearing and vision screenings for 3 and 4 year olds to make sure these are issues not impacting a child’s learning. If you want your child excluded from this screening families must contact your preschool teacher. There are many reasons, to ensure your child's educational success, to make sure they are seeing and hearing. 

Dental Screening:

Our school also partners with the Longmont Sunshine Club to provide a free dental screenings. The Sunshine Club, Longmont’s longest-running philanthropic organization, has hosted dental clinics in St. Vrain Valley Schools for elementary students since the 1950s. This screening is meant for preschoolers without dental insurance or who are on Medicaid, who have not seen a dentist.  To take advantage of this screening, families must opt-in, using the form, which will come in your Thursday/Friday folder.

Health Appraisal Form:

A “Health Appraisal Form” from a doctor stating that your child is healthy enough to attend preschool is due 30 days after the start of school. We do not want obtaining this to prevent a child from attending preschool.  If a family without access to health care is struggling to complete the required Health Appraisal, call the school’s health clerk who can coordinate a nurse practitioner to conduct a general check up, with the parent present, at school in the health office.



Salud Family Health Centers

Salud’s services include the full scope of primary medical, dental, and behavioral health care, all under one roof. We also collaborate with area hospitals, specialty physician groups, specialty mental health agencies, and public health departments to ensure a comprehensive referral network and access to a variety of services for patients. 

Payment: "We do not discriminate based on ability to pay – we welcome anyone in need of quality, affordable healthcare. We accept all insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid.  For people without insurance, we offer discounted services based on ability to pay. Salud has a strong commitment to provide care to all people, and does not turn patients away based on income, insurance coverage, or ability to pay."

5995 Iris Parkway, Frederick, 80530, Monday – Friday--7:30 am – 5 pm, 970-484-0999

1115 Second St., Ft. Lupton, 80621, Monday – Friday--7:30 am – 5 pm, 303-697-2583

Healthy Kids InitiativeBoulder County Healthy Kids has partnered with Saint Vrain Valley School District to provide health insurance liaisons to help students and their families enroll in health insurance and to access affordable health care. Healthy Kids helps families enroll in Medicaid, Children’s Health Plan Plus (CHP+), and links families to Connect for Health Colorado.  Contact: Medical Program Specialist, 720-722-1454

SafeCare Colorado: This is a service for parents of children ages 0-5 needing health, safety, and parenting supports.  It involves voluntary, home-based programming of weekly visits over the course of 6 weeks, focusing on child health and safety, and parent-child relationpships, to families from a variety of backgrounds.  Services are offered in Spanish and English.  Contact information at: (970) 247-1306 or at

Nurse-Family partnership: This is a service for first-time mothers who earn less than 200% of Federal poverty level.  The program includes 1-2 monthly bisits throughout pregnancy and the first 2 years of life from a registered nurse who monitors child development and helps parents learn skills for healthy pregnancy and positive parenting.  Contact information:  (970) 304-6417 or

NCHA Prenatal Outreach and 1st Steps: A case manager or nurse assists women who are pregnant or have a baby up to 2 months old, with no eligibility requirements.  Assistance includes resource referral, case management, and advocacy services to pregnant women and babies.  Contact:  (970) 346-2510 or

NCHA/RCCO Pediatric Care Management: A case manager or nurse assists families with children 0 - 17 who live in Weld County with eligibility based on Medicaid enrollment, Medical Home attribution.  Assistance includes resource referral, case management, and advocacy services to babies and children up to age 17.  Contact:  (970) 402-2197 or

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