Technology at Spark! Discovery Preschool is guided and served by: 

1.  St. Vrain Valley Schools Board of Education Policy regarding Responsible Use Guidelines

2.  St. Vrain Valley Schools Learning Technology Plan

3.  St. Vrain Valley Schools District Technology Services Department

4.  The Colorado Dept. of Education 21st Century Skills

5.  Childcare licensing rules and regulations (for children 3 and older): 

*All television, recorded media, computer, tablet, and media devices are prohibited during snack or meal times. 

*Television, recorded media, and video time must be limited to 30 minutes per week.

*Computer and tablet time must be limited to non-consecutive 15 minute increments not to exceed 30 minutes per day.

*Television, recorded media, computer, tablet, and media device time may only exceed 30 minuts per week for a special occassion.  

*There is no restriction for children using personal adaptive equipment.

We are fortunate to have all-day access to a Robotics lab, newly installed in the fall of 2019. Additionally, we teach a STEM unit on Early Childhood Robotics and Programming using Cubelets, Sphero, Dot-and-Dash and BeeBots. All preschools have the convienience of using up to 10 iPads, both iPad-minis and regular sized, in the classrooms. Along with the classroom projection systems, teacher laptops, and teacher and paraprofessionals having access to their own iPads, our goal is to expose our children to technology experiences which enhance their learning.  

Additionally, the Center for Make/Hack/Play explores a variety of technologies for a variety of ages of students and adults including:

3-D printer and Replicator



Power-tools (No, we do not allow preschoolers to use these...)