Enrollment information for the 2021-2022 school year

Important Info About Enrolling & Registering for Returning Students at Spark! Discovery Preschool for 2021-2022:
It is almost time to re-enroll for preschool for the 2021-2022 school year! Our registration window begins Tuesday, December 1 - December 15, with enrollment continuing all year long after that.  If you have a child staying at Spark! for another year, or you have an additional child that is going to enroll, here’s information about how to apply and enroll. 



Our class schedules are: 
AM session: 8:30 - 11:10 am, Mon - Thurs AM 
PM session: 12:25 - 3:05 pm, Mon - Thurs PM
Full day preschool session:  8:30 am - 3:05 pm, Mon - Thurs 
All classes in the 2021-2022 school year will be for 4 half-day AM or 4 half-day PM. We are eliminating our 2-day schedules. 


Tuition-based Preschool: Tuition-based preschool opportunities are offered to include two, three, and four half-day options for both three and four year old students, depending on the schedule. All children must be toilet trained.  All classrooms are half-day mornings or afternoons.  Monthly program fees apply and are based on the half day sessions: 

  • Mon - Thurs AM or Mon - Thurs PM:  $320 per month, for 3-4 year olds by Oct 1, 2021
  • Mon - Thurs full day preschool:  $650 per month, for 4 year olds only by Oct 1, 2021

Full Day Preschool:  We have a small number of full day tuition-based placements in full day programming. Classes are held on Monday - Thursday from 8:30am - 3:05 pm. Students in this class must be 4 years old by Oct 1, 2021. Children enrolled in this class must be fully toilet trained. A lottery for placement occurs annually. Students with special needs or who are participating in screening/evaluation through Child Find are not eligible for full day programming, as the class is designed for CPP and tuition-based students who are transitioning to kindergarten the following year. 

Colorado Preschool Program (CPP): CPP is a state-funded, free program for eligible children identified with certain qualifiers. To qualify for this program, families are required to attend a 60-minute screening with staff from the SVVSD Early Childhood CPP office. If a child qualified for a scholarship this year, they are likely to qualify for CPP in their second year.  Children qualifying for CPP are required to attend four half-days per week and maintain excellent attendance.  All children must be toilet trained. All students enrolled in CPP must be age 4 on or before Oct 1, 2021. A number of CPP students will qualify for full day programming, and this is by invitation only and requires SVVSD placement by the Early Childhood Office.  As staff in the office at Spark! Discovery Preschool are not delegated to conduct screenings, determine placement or qualification, or to speak to the timing of a family's CPP application, the best contact for CPP applications is at the SVVSD Early Childhood office at 303-702-7815.  

Scholarship-based preschool program:  Scholarships, funded by St. Vrain Valley Schools, offers programming for children who are 3 years old by Oct 1, 2021, as funding is available for eligible and qualifying families.  All children must be toilet trained. As staff in the office at Spark! Discovery Preschool are not delegated to conduct screenings, determine placement or qualification, or to speak to the timing of a family's Scholarship application, the best contact for  applications is at the SVVSD Early Childhood office at 303-702-7815.  

Special Education preschool program: Any preschooler who has been evaluated, deemed eligible, and qualified for special education services will be placed by the school district.  More information will be sent to families by the special education and early childhood departments later in the spring. If concerned about a child's development, families should contact the SVVSD Child Find office.

REGISTRATION / ENROLLMENT PROCESS INFORMATION:  There are three steps in the process:  STEP 1) parents APPLY and REGISTER, STEP 2) the school processes the application/registration and it is ACCEPTED or DENIED, and STEP 3) parents COMPLETE ENROLLMENT. The following students will have preferential placement: 

  • Children who attended school at Spark! during the '20-'21 school year
  • Children with parents who work in SVVSD
  • Children who are adding a sibling who will also continue to be enrolled at Spark! Discovery Preschool during the '21-'22 school year. 

While applications and registrations will be taken after that, the best chances of getting the schedule families most desire occurs during the first day or two of this window, as applications for new students are accepted in a first-come, first-serve fashion.  A goal is to provide returning children programming with the same teacher the following school year so as to provide consistency and continuity, unless there is a preference to try something new. Consistency may not be possible, in some cases, as a child’s teacher may not offer all the possible schedules from which parents choose. 

STEP #1: APPLY/REGISTER FOR NEXT YEAR:  Between Dec 1 - 15, 2020, all families applying for tuition-based, Colorado Preschool Program (CPP), or Scholarship for the '21-'22 school year must go online and fill out an electronic application and registration for the type of program for which they are applying (see below for a program description).   All families -- NEW AND RETURNING-- are required to complete an online application/registrationwith the exception of parents of children with special needs (ie. those children in special education with an Individual Education Plan (IEP)). As in the past, parents of children with special needs will receive information about next steps from the special education and early childhood departments.  The enrollment link goes live on December 1, 2020, at 7:00 am. We will monitor these application/registrations and contact any families who haven't completed this process on 12-15-2020. If a family knows they aren't returning to the school next year, (they are moving out of state, to another town, etc.) please email Vicky Arriaga at arriaga_victoria@svvsd.org, and it will minimize our contact about next year's enrollment. 

STEP #2: APPLICATION/REGISTRATION ACCEPTED / DENIED: After the application period is over, the application will be approved or denied by the school and families will receive notification.  Tuition-based families will receive information via a letter in the US Mail after January 19, 2021.  CPP and Scholarship applications will be sent to the early childhood department office and this department will contact parents and families to conduct screenings. 

STEP #3: COMPLETE ENROLLMENT:  After being accepted, families need to complete their enrollment by February 12, 2021, including: 
1) Deposit: For families who are accepted through our tuition-based program, a $65 non-refundable deposit for the 2021-2022 school year will be required.  The deposit is needed to hold a child's placement. We accept checks or exact cash at our front office. Returning tuition-based families will also have an option to pay the deposit on line in Rev-track, if they call Stacey to request this at 72-652-7906. CPP, Scholarship, and Special Education enrollments do not pay a deposit.
2) Uploaded Documents: Parents should expect to upload the following documents during online enrollment process: Immunizations, Birth Certificate, and Proof of Residency (water bill, electric bill, etc.).  If computer/ scanner access is an issue, families can come to the school, where our Registrar / Attendance Clerk, Vicky Arriaga can make a copy and upload these documents to complete the paperwork process. Her email is arriaga_victoria@svvsd.org.
3) School-based Paperwork: A General Health Appraisal form and annual paperwork required each year will be updated in August 2021 with each family at our orientation sessions, prior to having returning children start school.

UNIVERSAL SCREENINGS in Preschool: All newly accepted preschool students will receive a developmental screening. If a child has already been attending the school and had a screening, they will not need to do this again. The school's office staff will contact families between February and August to schedule an appointment.  Children who qualify for special education do not take this screening. Due to COVID, we will await more information from the Early Childhood Education office. 

WRAP AROUND CHILDCARE for the 2021-2022 school year:  Childcare is a licensed program, located at Spark! Discovery Preschool, which offers extended-day care and opportunities for enrichment for families and children in two of our classrooms for children who are ages 3 to 5. Childcare requires separate tuition, separate enrollment paperwork, a separate deposit, and is a different program than preschool. Childcare assistance, called the Colorado Childcare Assistance Program (CCAP) is also available and provides assistance for qualifying families.  Summer of 2021 childcare programming is also available, and information about summer programming will be published later in the school year. Parents should consult with Soraya Baker, Community Schools Manager, regarding continued enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year by calling 720-652-7908 or at baker_soraya@svvsd.org.  Enrollment for the school year and the summer program are two different things.  Because of schedule construction at our location, for summer programming only, we believe the program may be hosted at another SVVSD school location.

Please call our school at 720-652-7906 if you have any questions about registration and enrollment for preschool for next school year!

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