Ms. Tori's Update 3-12-18

Hello Preschool Families!!  

    We hope that you enjoying your weekend.

A Week in Review:

  •  We started talking about Transportation. We talked about different forms of transportation like what goes in the air, land or water. We also had a reverse field trip on Thursday. One of the PM Parents was able to share with us her job of being a school bus driver. The students were able to seat on the bus and ask lots of questions.
  •  We talked about the number fifteen, 15. How do we write 15? Can we find 15 objects?
  • We talked about pyramids. We looked at what shapes we put together to make a pyramid. We also found pyramids in our classroom.
  • We worked closely with the letters Jj, Dd, Pp, and Bb. We practiced writing these letters with dry erase markers.
  • Our sight-word this week was go.  We wrote it with pencil and crayons. We also found it in our Transportation books.

What to Expect when we get back from Break:

  •  Letters: Rr, Kk, Aa, Vv
  • The number: Sixteen, 16
  • The shape:
  • Sight words: Up
  • STEM Unit: Transportation – Air: How does air travel help people in their everyday lives? What are some characteristics?

Thank you for your support working with your preschooler at home it really makes a difference!

Important Dates:

  • Mar. 5th – Apr. 13th: STEM Unit: Transportation
  • Mar. 15th – PJ Day
    • Bring a $1 for PTO
  • Mar. 15th – PBIS Award: Dance Party
  • Mar. 20th- Butter Braid Pick up date
  • Mar. 21st – Rock Your Socks Day! for World Down Syndrome Day
  • Join us by wearing your brightest, craziest socks
  • Mar. 23rd – No Preschool or Childcare: Teacher Comp. Day
  • Mar. 26th – Mar. 30th: No School – Spring Break

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Mrs. Tori

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