Ms. Alyssa's Update 3-8-18


Ms. Amy's Update 3-4-18

Dear Families,
Last week we had a wonderful time celebrating all things Dr.

Ms. Jill's Update 3-4-18


MARCH 2018

Ms. Jill & Ms. Hilary’s monthly newsletter


MARCH in like a lion…! Whew! What a busy month February was! Our transportation unit was full of fun & learning! Some interesting things that we learned:

·      the strongest shape for building bridges is a triangle.

·      some items sink while others float.

Ms. Tori's Update 3-2-18

Hello Preschool Families!!  

 We hope that you enjoy your weekend.

A Week in Review:

Ms. Alyssa's update 3-1-18

Ms. Alyssa’s Weekly Update 3.1.18

Ms. Nicky's update 2-28-18

Ms. Nicky’s and Ms. Sydney’s News

Ms. Jo's Update 2-28-18

Ms. Jo’s March 2018 Happening

March Volunteer Training

Our school is implementing volunteer training for all classroom volunteers.  From late November through mid January, we offered 8 different trainings on a variety of days of the week, times of the day, along with translation options.

March 2018 STEM Profile: Open-Minded

OPEN-MINDED At Spark! Discovery Preschool, we define Open-Minded as, “I know that people are different and may do different things. I know that not everyone will think like I do. I listen, value, and try to understand others.”

Tips for Developing Open-Mindedness at Home

Important Dates: March 2018

Important Dates: MARCH 2018

Thurs, March 1

Tuition payments due.  Questions? Call Andrea at 720-652-7906

Feb 26 – March 9