Ms. Tori's Update 1-27-19

Hello Preschool Families!!  

We hope that you are enjoying your weekend! 

A Week in Review:

·      We continued our STEM Unit on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We talked about how trash affects our Earth. We read a book about turtles eating plastic jellyfish by mistake. We talked a little about we could do to make the Earth better.

Ms. Amy's Update 1-21-19

Dear Families,

Ms. Piper's Update 1-18-19

Ms. Piper’s Class Newsletter 1-18-19

Hello, preschool families! We hope this message finds you well. This is the classroom update for the month of January.

What We’re Learning

Ms. Tori's Update 1-21-19

Hello Preschool Families!!  

We hope that you are enjoying your weekend!

A Week in Review:

·      We started our fourth STEM Unit on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We talked about trash and what people throw away. We had a fun walk around the inside of the school to count and see how many trash cans and recycling bins are in the building. We talked about where trash goes when we through something away.

Ms. Marie's Update 1-21-19

Dear Preschool Families and Friends,     

Parent/teacher winter conferences are just around the corner!  Please read below about the process to indicate your preferences for conference times.

Parent/Teacher Winter Conference Time Preference Forms:

Ms. Rachel's Update 1-21-19


Program of STEM - Jan - May 2019

STEM Units 4, 5, and 6 : Preschoolers in every classroom will be instructed in 6 units each year; these units of instruction represent the school's comprehensive plan for high-quality, STEM-based inquiry, which are taught in all classrooms.  These 6 units of STEM are different than the previous year’s units so that children are being exposed to 12 units of STEM over a 2-year cycle of learning. Additionally, there are weeks in between units when students can study interest-based topics determined by the teacher. 


Important Dates – January 2019

January 1, 2019 

Tuition Due for January

Month of January 

STEM profile:  CURIOSITY! 

January 7, 2019 

Ms. Nicky Willis, Educator, Receives Community Hero Award

This morning, with the Carbon Valley Rotary, we celebrated 4 community heroes, all who have done the good work of being a great community member. However, one was most important to us -- Nicky Willis, one of our preschool teachers, who received an Outstanding Educator award. Read more about here nomination here:

Ms. Rachel's update 1-13-19

Happy Sunday!