School Overview

We provide preschool families and children (ages 3, 4, and 5) with a comprehensive early learning program with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).  As a result of construction of Frederick High School, and the remodel of Thunder Valley K-8 in Frederick (at the former Frederick High School site), our school was remodeled and opened during the 2013-2014 school year to serve children and families in the Carbon Valley area of our school district.  We serve nearly 350 preschoolers in the Frederick High School Feeder, including those that will later attend Centennial Elementary, Legacy Elementary, Prairie Ridge Elementary, and Thunder Valley K-8. 

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement: Spark! Discovery Preschool engages students in early learning experiences, in partnership with families and the community, that develop a strong foundation, enrich the whole child, and inspire lifelong learning.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be an early childhood model of excellence which inspires and promotes…

…approaches to learning that invite exploration, play, and real-world learning.

…experiences which include integrated STEM approaches to problem solving throughout the learning environment.

…programming to meet the developmental needs of each unique child.

…social learning opportunities to develop self-control, confidence, cooperation, and appreciation of others

…an engaged and connected community, families, and partners.

…a highly qualified staff who deliver quality instruction for all children.

Our Commitments

Our Beliefs about Children:  While it is difficult to encapsulate all we believe about children and their development into a few sentences, we…

  • Commit to and value the active engagement of children, as we believe all children must have opportunities to collaborate, grow, play, and explore.
  • Commit to and value the development of life-long attitudes, necessary for responsible citizenship, such as: empathy, enthusiasm, respect, open-mindedness, curiosity, risk-taking, creativity, cooperation, responsibility, and reflectiveness.
  • Commit to and value the notion that each child, with their unique talents and gifts, has the potential to positively impact the world.
  • Commit to and value the use of research-based instructional strategies as we make decisions as adults in the school community.

Our Beliefs about Innovation:  Spark! Discovery Preschool is a place where creativity and risk-taking are encouraged, modeled, and celebrated. We understand that risk-taking and failure are signs of progress, and that new ideas are signs of life and growth. We teach children to use creativity to solve tomorrow’s problems, using both sides of their brains, to successfully face the challenges of the 21st century. Children use the Design Thinking Process to frame problems, generate solutions, refine ideas, engage with others, and share results. As children acquire an innovator’s mindset they learn to apply these problem-solving strategies across contexts.

Our Beliefs about our Parent Community:  Parents and families are welcome collaborators in school and encouraged to participate in many ways, for example: volunteering, support their child’s development, conferencing, family education trainings, and the like. School staff members strive to assist parents in the development and support of skills that are conducive to learning. There is a strong link between parents and teachers in partnering and organizing for learning. Together, parents and educators participate in effective and on-going communication with regarding preschool and child learning. Finally, parents are valued and included in the decision-making process for the school.

Our Beliefs about Educators:  We collaborate as a team to establish trust, take risks, and disperse a wide net of leadership in order to meet school goals and stay true to our values and commitments.  This is achieved through open communication, a collaborative culture, and involvement in decision-making processes. Additionally, we are engaged in learning and professional development, which promotes research-based and effective instruction for all children, and we engage in collaborative inquiry, action research, and experimentation to effectively implement high-quality programming for children. We respond, in planning and in action, to all learners.

Our Beliefs about Partnerships:  Because we understand that people who know innovation share with others, we seek not only to partner with those who can help us, but also those whom we can help.  We realize that we can’t reach our goals alone, so we believe in developing meaningful partnerships with parents, businesses, universities, our community, and other diverse partners to create a culture of innovation.

School Leadership

Spark! Discovery Preschool