Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Welcome to Spark! Discovery PTO

What we do:

  • Support our school’s children, teachers, staff and parents
  • Create a welcoming climate and culture, including making parent-to-parent connections and networking opportunities
  • Facilitate involvement across comfort levels
  • Provide opportunities for parents to better understand how to help their children
  • Provide additional funding that supports the vision, mission, values and goals of Spark! Discovery Preschool
  • Create opportunities for our community to have fun and play together!

School Accountability Committee

The School Accountability Committee’s primary purpose is to monitor and support the academic achievement of children; the group is an active and engaged group that has input to our school’s mission, goals, commitments, and vision, while also monitoring our planning and programming.  They advise and help define priorities, strategies for implementing those strategies, and ensures implementation. The Committee offers patrons and staff members the opportunity to become involved with the improvement of the educational system through the creation of a Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) each school year. The Committee serves as an advisory panel to the principal and provides a link from the building level to the District Accountability /Accreditation Committee (DAC).

The team, comprised of members representing a variety of points of view in our community and guided by St. Vrain Valley Schools Board of Education policies, includes a diverse membership. This team consists of parents, administration, business/community representation, representation of the school’s parent-teacher organization, and administration: