School Accountability

School Accountability

In accordance with St. Vrain Valley Schools Board of Education policy and state law, Spark! Discovery Preschool hosts a School Accountability Committee.


The School Accountability Committee’s primary purpose is to monitor and support the academic achievement of children; the group is an active and engaged group that has input to our school's mission, goals, committements, and vision, while also monitoring our planning and programming.  They advise and help define priorities, strategies for implementing those strategies, and ensures implementation. The Committee offers patrons and staff members the opportunity to become involved with the improvement of the educational system through the creation of a Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) each school year. The Committee serves as an advisory panel to the principal and provides a link from the building level to the District Accountability /Accreditation Committee (DAC).

Team Composition

The team, comprised of members representing a variety of points of view in our community and guided by St. Vrain Valley Schools Board of Education policies, includes a diverse membership. This team consists of parents, administration, business/community representation, representation of the school’s parent-teacher organization, and administration:

  • Paige Gordon, Administration
  • Ray Johnson, Business Representative from IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Manager
  • Joel Dill, Parent Representative 
  • Teacher Representative
  • Always looking for more parents - please call Paige Gordon, principal, at 720-652-7906 if you'd like to participate or email:

Meeting dates

  • Once a month, on Mondays, from 4-6 pm

All meetings are held in the office conference room and are open to the public.

School Accountability Committee Communications

Meeting agenda and minutes are printed each month and posted on the informational bulletin board located just inside the school. 

Quality Improvement Plan

The following are steps we will take in the area of Workforce Qualifications and Professional Development:

●       100% of preschool and childcare staff will meet the requirements of the Professional Development/Information System and receive a credential from the Colorado Department of Ed

●       Develop a professional development plan which is informed by staff evaluations and individual professional development plans

The following are steps we will take in the area of Leadership, Management, and Administration:

●       Share the Quality Improvement Plan with staff, families, and stakeholders

●       Train staff on the written code of conduct

●       Staff will be reviewed annually, to include classroom observation and self-evaluation of staff

●       School staff will complete a staff survey indicating they participate in at least monthly staff meetings and that they participate in decision-making (hiring, goal setting, curriculum development, etc.)

  • Update our current strategic plan

The following are steps we will take in the area of Learning Environments:

●       Curriculum is aligned with the Colorado Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines

●       On-going program documentation indicates the program’s curriculum addresses the Colorado Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines

●       Policies and practices for continuity of care are a part of the program

●       Assessment results are used to individualize the curriculum

●       Staff members are trained in adopted curriculum

●       Make improvements in the learning environment using the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale, which we conducted in the spring of 2016

The following are steps we will take in the area of Family Partnerships:

●       Create a written policies for the use of interpreters for help with other languages of enrolled families, which describe how transitions are supported, and procedures for referring and connecting families to community-service agencies

●       Provide materials and resources for community-based programs

●       Along with the Parent-Teacher Organization, offer a variety of opportunities for families to get to know one another and to work together for the benefit of the children in the program

●       Conduct an annual survey and use the result to increase quality of the program

●       Offer informational sessions for parents on child development and learning

●       Offer parenting classes, which include family goal setting and action planning

●       Provide opportunities for families to act in leadership positions

●       Conduct documented parent/teacher conferences twice a year

●       Coordinate and collaborate with service providers, families, and our school district to design programming for students with special needs, as well as Individual Learning Plans for all children

The following are steps we will take in the area of Child Health:

●       Document that each child has received a hearing, vision, and dental screening.

●       Document each child’s medical check-up in order to complete a health appraisal form

●       Conduct and document that each child has medical insurance and a medical home (primary care in non-emergency situations)

●       Conduct a certified playground inspection

●       Lead children in structured physical activities each day

●       Offer nutrition information and education programs

●       Provide resources for families on where to obtain the screenings for vision, dental, and medical

●       Increase opportunities for on-site gardening 

Annual Survey:  Our school conducts an annual family survey, with a goal of more than 75% of surveys being completed, and the family surveys are used to inform the quality improvement plan.  The school will pursue one or more changes made as a result of the annual family survey.