Ms. Jo's Update 4-20-17

Hi Families,

Ms. Megan's Update 4-10-17

Good Afternoon!

Ms Jo's Weekly news 4-10-17

Ms. Jo’s Weekly update for April 10th

Ms. Tori's Update 4-7-17

Hello Preschool Families!!  

We hope that you are enjoying your weekend. We had a great week back from Spring Break. I want to thank those who were able to donate cups and napkins to the classroom.

A Week in Review:

·      We talked about different genres of music and how it makes you feel different emotions. We listen to songs that made us feel happy as well as songs that made us feel sad.  

Ms. Megan's Update 4-10-17

Good Afternoon!

Ms Jo's Weekly news 4-3-17

Ms. Jo’s weekly update for April 3rd


Ms. Angel's April Newsletter 2017

We are wrapping up our Life Cycles study.  This week and next week are about the life cycle of an insect.  We are learning about butterflies, ladybugs, and worms.  This past week we got to look at and hold real ladybugs, them released them on our playground!  The students have enjoyed this unit and learning about how people, plants, and insects all grow.  Our experiment spouting seeds did not turn out terribly successful.  Only a few of the seeds grew very much.  However, it was interesting to think about why some seeds grew better than others.

Ms. Megan's Update 3-27-17

Happy Spring Break Preschool Families!

Ms. Nicky's April 2017 Newsletter

Ms. Nicky and Ms. Julie’s News

Ms. Amy's April Newsletter 2017


Ms. Amy, Ms. Hilary & Ms. Sam’s Monthly News

         Happy Spring!! It was so nice having a warm end to winter. The kids loved being able to be outside on those very warm days, without their jackets. We are sending out our newsletter before Spring Break so that we can prepare you for April but also so we can give suggestions for great activities to engage your children over the break.