2016-2017 Childcare Parent Handbook




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Welcome to Childcare in St Vrain!

We are pleased that you have chosen the District before/after school childcare program for your child and your family. At the St. Vrain Valley School District, we recognize the importance of providing a quality, nurturing childcare experience for your children. We realize that parents are looking for opportunities for their children to learn and play in a safe and welcoming environment. The Community Schools childcare programs are offered through the St. Vrain Valley School District under the direction of Community School staff and the supervision of the school principal and the District Coordinator.

Purpose and Philosophy

Community School Programs provide opportunities to enrich the lives of children and families in safe and welcoming environments, enabling all children to realize their highest potential. Community Schools is a dynamic, thriving and vital partner in achieving the mission and vision of the school district. Highly qualified childcare staff offers extended learning to enhance school achievement, enrichment and recreation opportunities to support a well-rounded experience for the children in their care.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to provide a safe, structured and positive environment that allows children to be creative, sociable and happy. Our objective is to work as a team with the school staff by offering activities that supplement class work and support the well being of children. Community Schools provides extended learning day opportunities by tying student achievement to our programming. Additionally, programs offer computer access, indoor and outdoor recreation, and nutritious snacks. Parents and students are encouraged to suggest ideas, toys, materials and snacks that would improve the childcare experience.

Licensing & Programs Offered

Community Schools currently has 32 childcare programs located in schools across the District and open to all children. Nine of our programs are licensed for Preschool through Kindergarten and 23 programs are licensed for children ages 5 to 12. All programs are licensed according to regulations for Children's Centers issued by the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS). Staff members are qualified and certified according to state licensing regulations. Current fire, health, and licensing inspection reports are available for your review.

Before/After School Childcare
Licensed childcare for students ages 5-12 that is offered on site at school locations. Although some sites may vary, programs are open at 7:00am until school begins and then pick up when school gets out until 6:00pm.

Summer Camp/Non-School Day

Licensed according the Colorado Department of Human Services childcare that is offered on site at school locations. Although some sites may vary, programs are open from 7:00am through 6:00pm and offered on non-student contact days. Activities include off site field trips.

Preschool Wraparound
Licensed childcare for students ages 3-5 that is offered on site at school locations. Programs are open from 7:00am through 6:00pm and provide a wrap around childcare service to children enrolled in a district preschool or part time kindergarten program.

Program Schedule

The childcare programs are available on all school days, Professional Learning Community (PLC or late-start days) and on some non-student contact days. Childcare is not in session if school is canceled due to snow, inclement weather or on many holidays. However, childcare is available at some schools on vacation days during the school year, and during the summer. Contact your Community School Site Program Manager at the school your child attends for more information or visit our website at http://www.svvsd.org/about/departments/community-schools/community-schoolschild- care-locations


Registration takes place in the spring for the next school year with priority given to registrations received by May 1 of each year. If program capacity is reached, applicants will be placed on a waiting list in the sequence that they signed up. Registration information can be found on-line at the site listed above. State and District policies require that we have your child’s registration forms and information returned before they may attend Childcare. Childcare registration includes:

  • Both parents’ personal and employer phone numbers and addresses

  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of a minimum of 3 emergency contacts.

    Emergency contacts must be 18 years of age or older, must be local and be available

    to pick up your child in an emergency.

  • A signed tuition agreement, found on page 4 of the registration application

  • Your child’s schedule information

  • Known allergies indicated on the form

    Registration Fee

    A non-refundable registration fee of $50 per child or $75 per family is required to register. The registration fee will be returned if a child is not accepted into the program or is not put on a waiting list. In the event you withdraw your child(ren) from the program prior to the first day of school, your registration fee will not be refunded.


Our programs are fee-based. Materials, snacks, supplies and equipment are regularly purchased to make the program a safe, wholesome and fun place for children. Program fees may vary due to specific program attending. Please see your specific site for the actual fees.

For parents that claim childcare as a deduction on income tax forms, the District Tax I.D. number is 84-6014380 and childcare receipts are available upon request.

If parents change their child’s schedule monthly due to a varied work schedule, a calendar must be submitted by the 20th of the month to the Community School office for the upcoming month’s billing. Varied scheduling is subject to the approval of the Community School Site Program Manager.

Non-Student Days

Childcare may be offered on some non-student contact days but not on days that the District is closed, such as holidays. If childcare is offered on days other than school days, a flyer will be sent home with students a week or two before the non-student day. Registration and payment for this care are separate from monthly childcare billing. If your student attends a non-student day at a school other than the school the child regularly attends, payment is due at the time of registration or at the door.

Payment, Program Changes or Withdrawal

Statements are sent around the 25th of each month for the next month’s payment. Please keep the staff informed of mailing address or e-mail changes. Monthly payments are due on the first school day of each month. A late fee of $25.00 will be assessed if tuition is not received by the 10th of the month. If the monthly tuition payment in addition to the late fee is not paid in full by the last school day of the month, the student may not continue in the program until the account is paid in full. If you need assistance, or wish to discuss a payment plan option, please contact the Community School Site Program Manager prior to the 10th of the month.

If you plan to decrease the number of days your child attends the program, or to withdraw from the program, a minimum notice of 10 business days must be given to the Community School office. Regular billing will be in effect for those 10 business days. Trading of days is not an option. No refunds will be given for a child’s absence due to illness or vacation. Adding days to your child’s schedule may require additional staff and prior approval is necessary. Excessive changes may result in a schedule change fee of $20. All changes, including starting dates, are at the discretion of the Site Program Manager according to program needs. Please see the tuition agreement for more information.

Please note: Registration and payment for individual “non-student contact” day care and PLC (late-start mornings) may be separate from your monthly billing.

Reporting Child Abuse

The childcare staff is required to report any suspected child abuse. If the suspected child abuse did not occur at the childcare facility, the report of suspected child abuse must be made to the county department of social services in the county in which the child resides or to the local law enforcement agency in the community in which the incident is believed to have occurred.

Emergency or Occasional Use of Childcare Services

Occasional use is approved on a space available basis through the Community School office. Contact the Community School Site Program Manager at least 10 business days prior (if possible) to making changes in current arrangements or requesting special arrangements for childcare. Registration forms must be on file and applicable fees may apply.

Students With Special Needs

Students with special needs are encouraged to participate in our childcare programs. Childcare staff work collaboratively with the District Special Education Department and individual school staff, partnering with the parents. Together we will determine the best arrangements for integrating your child into the program based on their needs.

Toileting (For Wraparound Students)

Typically developing children are expected to be potty trained however; we understand that accidents will sometimes occur. In the event of a toileting accident, we will help the child change and the soiled clothing will be sent home with the child in a plastic bag. Please provide extra clothing daily in case of accidents. If no clothes are provided, we have limited clothes for emergencies. Please return the borrowed clothing promptly after being washed.

Late Pick-Up Procedures
It is critical for children to be picked up on time. All parents must have three emergency contact persons on their contact list with phone numbers and addresses. Parents should not list themselves or their spouse as an emergency contact, nor should they list a relative that lives far away. Contacts must be people who would be available to pick the up child in the event of an emergency. Anyone picking up a child from childcare must be 18 years of age or older and may be asked to provide identification.

Staff will make sure all children are picked up and signed out from the program each day.

If your child is not picked up on time (6:00 pm.), you will be billed a late pick-up charge of $1.00 per minute. Frequent late pick-up may result in withdrawal of your child from the program.

If a parent does not pick up a child on time:
1. Beginning at 6:15pm, the parents will be called at home, work and at all phone numbers available. If the parent cannot get to the school within a reasonable length of time, the staff and parent will discuss who will come to pick up the child.

  1. If no contact is made with a parent, childcare staff will call the emergency contacts immediately to pick up the child.

  2. If the parents and the emergency contacts cannot be reached, the Community School Site Program Manager, the building Principal, and/or a District Administrator will be called.

  3. If all of the above steps have been exhausted and approximately one-half hour or more has passed, the childcare staff will then call the local law enforcement for assistance in locating the parents.

Student Supervision

Safety of your child is of utmost importance to us and childcare staff continuously monitor the presence of children throughout the session while at school, on the playground and on field trips until all children are picked up for the day. Please assist them by talking to your child about following the school's procedures at all times.


Just as with school, children showing signs of contagious illness may not come to Childcare. This is for the protection of your child as well as the other children.

Illness, Injury, Parent / Emergency Contact

If a child becomes ill, is injured requiring first aid, or receives a head injury, a parent will be contacted immediately. An ill child will be isolated from the other students and supervised by childcare staff until the parent arrives. If the parents cannot be reached, the emergency contacts will be called. If the emergency contact cannot be reached, the Community School Site Program Manager, the Principal, and/or a District Administrator will make emergency care decisions for your child. Be sure to communicate any allergies to staff.

Injuries During Childcare

If a child receives an injury, the parents will be contacted to discuss the accident. The decision will then be made whether to come and pick up the child immediately or wait until the normal time to pick up the child. If a child acquires any cuts and/or scrapes, the area will be washed out with soap and water, and a Band-Aid will be placed on it. We are not allowed to place medication of any kind on a wound.

If an injury is serious, 911 will be contacted immediately followed by a call to the parents. If the parents cannot be reached, emergency contacts will be called. If none of the emergency contacts can be reached, the Community School Site Program Manager, the Principal, and/or a District Administrator will make the decision concerning emergency care for your child.


According to Colorado State regulations, District policy, and the Nurse Practice Act (12-38- 132, CRS), medication given to a child must be authorized with a written statement fromthe child's doctor and given to the Community School Site Program Manager with the knowledge and written consent of the parent/guardian. This authorization must be provided for each new prescription and in the case of long-term medication, on an annual basis.

All medication must remain in the original container bearing the original label that shows: the child's name, prescribing doctor's name, pharmacy name and telephone number, date prescription filled and expiration date, name of the medication, dosage, how often to give medication, and the length of time. Childcare staff is prohibited from dividing medication to appropriate dosage requirements. When medication needs to be divided, it is the responsibility of the parent. When no longer needed, medication shall be returned to parents or guardians.

Non-prescription medication will only be administered by childcare staff with the written consent from a doctor and a written consent of the parent/guardian.

All medications are kept locked and out of reach of children in the childcare area, and will be administered by a staff member that has been trained in medication administration.

If your child has a medication requirement, please discuss this with your Community School Site Program Manager. The parent is responsible for conveying a need to the staff so a plan can be implemented. Our District nurse train and delegate staff to give medication according to the Nurse Practice Act.

Inclement Weather

Outdoor play is an important daily activity for children and as such, we strive for the children in childcare to go outside every day. In the event of inclement weather; excessive heat, cold, wind, snow, or rain, outdoor play will be cancelled. In these cases, the gym is available for physical play. Special areas may also be set aside in the cafeteria so children can have physical play.

Emergency Procedures

The safety and security of students and staff is one of our highest priorities. SVVS has adopted the I Love U Guys Foundation, Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and Community Schools follows the same protocol. The SRP is designed to establish standards for responding to emergencies that may occur in or near our schools. It is based on four basic response actions: Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter.

Lockout – threat or hazard is outside the school building
Students: brought inside school building and exterior doors are locked and secured. Whenever possible, classroom activities would continue uninterrupted.
Parents: monitor your phone line for communication from the school or District and wait for directions regarding reunification. You’re asked not to respond to the school until the school has notified you.

Lockdown – threat or hazard is inside the school building

Students: classrooms are locked, teachers turn off lights and keep students quiet and out of sight of any internal threat.
Parents: monitor your phone line for communication from the school or District and wait for notification regarding reunification. You’re asked not to respond to the school until the school has notified you.

Evacuate – moving students from the building to an outside area or another location

Students: leave personal items and move in an orderly fashion to next location. Parents: You will be notified of the evacuation site and asked to pick up your child. You or a family member would also be asked to show picture ID and complete a reunification form before your child would be released.

Shelter – students move to main level or interior rooms of the school building (e.g. tornado)

Students: asked to sit facing the wall while covering their head.
Parents: wait until hazard has passed before you respond to the school to pick up your child.

Lost Child Procedure:

Children are actively supervised during childcare, however; in the unlikely event that a child is missing, the following emergency plan is put into effect:

  • The staff will thoroughly search the school, the school bus, and school grounds for the child.

  • After 10 minutes, the parents/guardians, District Administration and the police will be contacted.

  • The staff will start to search the area surrounding the school.

    Emergency Closing of School

    In the event that school must be closed due to an emergency, before the normal dismissal time, the childcare children must have an alternate place to go. Please fill in the school’s emergency early dismissal form indicating where your child is to go. It is very important that you discuss emergency plans with your child on a periodic basis. Please be aware that in some emergencies the school phones may be out of order. If this happens, contact could possibly be made from another phone. It is imperative that you communicate in advance your emergency plans to the school and to your child.

    IF SCHOOL IS CLOSED EARLY, CHILDCARE WILL CLOSE. A tuition credit is given for a snow day.

If school is cancelled, every attempt is made to communicate with parents as early as possible at their home or work phones, through email, and through their emergency contact numbers. It is imperative that emergency contact numbers be up-to-date and not be the same number as the parents phone numbers.

Our first priority in any emergency situation is the safety of the children.

Homework Table

A “homework area” is designated for students to work on their homework. Please let staff know if you would like your child to do his/her homework during Childcare.

Special Activities

Language, science, art and culture classes may be taught by childcare staff or specialized teachers as a part of the childcare program to give children exposure to a variety of activities.

Children’s Personal Belongings

Children should not bring toys, games, cell phones or money to childcare. If a child should bring any personal items to school, they must remain in his/her backpack. Backpacks and jackets are hung on the hooks and cubbies provided.

We are not responsible for stolen or lost property.

Video/TV Policy

Movies are occasionally shown in our program. Parents are asked to sign approval for their child to watch movies in childcare or to request that their child not watch movies.
Childcare students also attend the occasional after school movie. Parents are sent notices in advance of the movie title and rating and given the opportunity to opt out.

Check-In/Check-Out Procedures

  1. Parents must sign their child in for the morning session and indicate to the staff that their child has arrived.

  2. Children will check-in with staff when arriving at Childcare for the afternoon session. Staff will take attendance. Parents must sign their children out when picking them up.

  3. Families are to enter and leave only by the designated door per school policy.

  4. Children, who plan to go to an after school activity and then come back to childcare, must check in with the Childcare staff right after school and tell the staff where theyare going. Parents must indicate, in writing, the activities a child is scheduled to attend. If the after school activity is sponsored by Community Schools, please indicate on the registration form whether the child should go to Childcare following the activity. When your child’s schedule changes as after school activities change, please send updated schedules in writing; this may include weekly or daily notes to the Community School office. Childcare fees are required to hold the students’ spot, or the child is subject to availability upon their return.

5. Only adults listed on the childcare application form and have permission, or indicated on a written note signed by a parent, will be allowed to pick up a child from childcare. The person picking up your child should be prepared to show a picture ID.


Visitors to the Childcare Program

Visitors to the program must sign in at the front office and sign into the program. Parents may come into the program to pick up or visit with their child, but may not come for the purpose of playing with other children. Visitors will never be left alone with any child.


Nutritious snacks are served in our programs every afternoon after school. Please note that no morning snack will be served. If a child has an allergy, special accommodations will be made. Out of respect for the many food allergies, homemade snacks may not be served. All food prepared, served and stored in the Community School childcare center meets state Department of Public Health and Environment standards.

Fields Trips

Field trips are offered as part of non-school days at some locations and during summer programs. A special flyer will be sent to parents with registration information and a permission form. Extra staff is available for field trips to ensure quality supervision of children.

Field Trip - Late Arrival Policy
The field trip time and place will be posted on the cafeteria door on the day of the field trip. If a parent arrives with a child after the program has left and would like to meet the program at the field trip location, the parent should inform the Community School office when it is open. Supervision or transportation will not be provided by any other school staff. Upon arrival to the field trip destination, parents must accompany child to meet with program staff and sign their child into the program. If the parent is unable to meet the program at the field trip destination, the child may come to the childcare program after the childcare program returns from the field trip.

Field Trip - Bus Safety
Transportation for field trips will be on a District school bus. The bus driver will review bus safety with the children before the bus departs for the field trip. Children are expected to stay in their seats at all times and use quiet voices. At a railroad crossing, the bus will come to a complete stop. Passengers will remain silent while the bus driver stops, looks and listens. In case of an emergency on the bus, the adult closest to the emergency door, may have to open that door. Please talk with your child at home on how to stay safe on the bus.

Discipline and Behavior Guidelines

Childcare participants must:

  1. Show respect for children, staff, self and property.

  2. Be responsible for own actions and recognize responsibility to the group.

  3. Work and play cooperatively with others.

  4. Demonstrate a positive attitude toward self and school.

  5. Follow school rules! The same rules that apply during the school day apply to childcare participants on the playground, in the gym, in the halls and throughout the school. The program follows the district discipline code handbook.

The Community School Childcare Program has a positive atmosphere and very few behavior problems. Behavior and program management practices have been designed to help our program staff resolve behavior problems on a fair and impartial basis. The goal is to work with students and parents to solve problems in a positive and constructive manner. The staff works with the classroom teacher, school counselor and the Principal to assist students with problems.

The focus is:

  • The student has the ability to make good choices.

  • The student is responsible for his/her actions.

  • The student has the opportunity to change negative behavior.

  • Self-discipline of the student will allow the student to continue as a member of the program.

    Every effort will be made to set the child up to win. The staff’s response to negative behavior problems will be calm and consistent. Consequences of negative behavior will be discussed with childcare participants at the beginning of the school year. Parental support at home and input to the system is important. Parents are welcome to discuss all procedures with staff. When implementing negative behavior procedures, the staff will be positive, encouraging and caring with the child.

    A summary of the staff’s response to misbehavior is:

    • Be fair (hear all sides of a situation)

    • Listen to the child

    • Focus on a solution rather than a punishment

    • Give the child an opportunity to change

    • Use praise to reinforce positive behavior

      Communication between parents and staff is very important. If a child shares separate residences with his parents, both parents could be contacted if a child is having behavior problems in childcare. If you have a concern or questions about any of the childcare behavior management procedures, please contact the Community School Site Program Manager.  Our greatest wish is that the Childcare experience will be a happy time for your child. In the unlikely event that it becomes necessary to remove your child from the program for behavioral reasons, a conference with the Site Program Manager, District Coordinator and/or Principal and parent/guardian will take place before any final decisions are made.

Complaint Procedures

The following may be contacted if there is a complaint regarding the Community School Childcare Program:

1. The Community School Site Program Manager
2. The building Principal
3. The District Community Schools office: Susan Zimmerman, District Coordinator 303-702-7914

4. To review a %ile or to %ile a complaint about the program, The Colorado Department of

Human Services: (303)-866-5958, 1575 Sherman Street, Denver, Colorado 80203

Termination of Services

If you plan to withdraw your child from Childcare, please give a written notice to the Community School Site Program Manager.

The Childcare program reserves the right to dismiss a child from the Childcare program for non-payment of tuition, continuous late pick-up of a child, a parent or child not following program or school rules and regulations, etc.

At termination, no refund will be given.

Important Safety Information The safety of your child is our 1st priority.

  • A child will be sent to the Childcare program on his regularly scheduled day, unless a note or call has been received from the parent.

  • If your child will be absent from after school childcare on his regular day, it is imperative that you let us know.

  • If you call the school office to state that your child will be absent, please be sure to make a second phone call to the Community School office.

  • If you send a note to your child’s teacher stating that your child will not go to Childcare after school, but will go home with you or home with a friend, please also notify the Community School office.

    Your child and his or her safety are very important to all of us! If your child does not come to Childcare as scheduled, the Community School staff, the school office staff, the school district transportation department and often the classroom teacher and the Principal will become involved in a search for your child.

    In the unlikely event of program closure, parents will receive written notice.