Childcare Update 11-9-18

The Holidays Are Right Around The Corner!
We are celebrating and learning about Veteran’s Day the first full week in November. The children will be learning about what being a Veteran means and why we celebrate this
holiday. They will be making a Poppy flower, designing a heart flag craft and painting with red, white and blue. The second week we will be learning about Thanksgiving. The children will discuss what they are thankful for and make a placemat to take home. They will learn about the Native Americans and Pilgrims and of course turkeys. The week of November 19th– November 23rd there is no school. Enjoy the time off with family. The last week of the month we will dive into Food Nutrition. The children will learn about the five food groups and what is considered healthy foods for their bodies.
The children will be learning about the colors Gray, Brown and Pink. We are also discussing the letters Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy and Zz. They will work on how to write the letters and
about the sounds of these letters. They will be learning about Pentagons, Hexagons and Octagons. Our sight words this month are Can, For, & And.
Important Information:
  • Wraparound and Preschool are closed November 19th– November 23rd for Thanksgiving Break. We are also closed December 21st—January 4th for winter break.
  • We are an “allergy aware” program which means items that contain nuts or other allergens could be harmful to some of our kiddos. We ask that you be mindful of this when making lunches for your kiddos. We have students that have severe allergies in our program. A substitute for peanut butter could be sunflower butter.
  • At nap time your child is welcome to bring in a small blanket that will fit in their cubbie. Please label all personal items. This may help ease their minds and get a solid rest.
  • As the weather is changing please remember to switch out your child’s extra clothes and provide a jacket and if possible gloves and a hat. Please label everything. We do go outside as much as possible depending on the weather and safety.
  • Please provide an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack or to leave in their cubbie for any accident’s that they may have.
  • We provide small clear tubs for children who have accidents in wraparound. Per licensing we are not allowed to use plastic bags to store soiled clothing. If your child has an accident please return the plastic tub back to wraparound.
PTO Dates:
  • November 8th: Hope to see you all at Chick-Fil-A in Longmont between 4pm and 8pm for Spark! Spirit Night!! A percentage of the Drive thru sales and inside orders for the evening will come back to Spark PTO!!!
  • November 15th and 16th: PJ Day at Spark! The children can wear their PJ’s to school and donate $1 to PTO
  • November 5th-16th: Carbon Valley Canned Food Drive. If you are able, please send in non-perishable foods that have not expired. Ongoing needs include: Beans, Macaroni & Cheese, Canned Fruit, Pasta & Rice, Canned Meat, Canned Soup & Stews, Canned Vegetables, Peanut Butter, Cereal...etc. All items will be loaded up on the 16th to take to the Help Center, located at 150 Buchanan Ave, Firestone, CO. If parents are in need, they can call Robin, the program manager at 303-833- 6626, or you can email her at The Carbon Valley Help Center is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 3pm, with appointments recommended. Walk-ins accepted based on availability.
  • November 5th– December 10th: Books and PJ’s Drive. Staff and families are requested to participate in a Book and PJ’s drive from November 5th- December 14th. Instead of conducting a toy drive, as we have done in the last 5 years, we will be conducting a Book and PJ’s drive. We will place these in backpacks of students on the last day before winter break which is December 20th.
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