Ms. Piper's Update 1-12-18

Ms. Piper’s Class Newsletter 1-12-18

Hello, preschool families! We hope this message finds you well. This is the classroom update for the month of January.

What We’re Learning

Our current STEM Unit, Robotics, continues for one more week. So far, the children have enjoyed exploring Cubelets (robot cubes which are combined to uses different senses and functions), Bee Bots (bee robots which can be programmed to move in different sequences), and Code-a-Pillar (a caterpillar created by connecting different code segments). In the coming week, we will do a Design Challenge, creating robot prototypes to address an agreed upon classroom problem. Our next STEM Unit, Nursery Rhymes, begins January 22nd and continues to February 23rd.

Our PATHS Social Emotional Curriculum has focused on more advanced feelings, all of which are either “comfortable” or “uncomfortable.” As always, we reiterate that ALL feelings are okay. This last week, we discussed that it is possible to have two feelings, such as love and anger, at the same time!

In literacy, we are continuing to focus on identifying, writing, and naming the sounds of every letter in the alphabet, and will for the rest of the year. We practice writing our names daily, using lowercase letters except for the first letter. We discuss the features of books as well as the author and the illustrator. Some of the favorite books have been Abiyoyo, The Gingerbread Man, Henny Penny, and Boy + Bot.

In math, the children have particularly enjoyed Mr. Mix-up, a puppet who gets mixed up when he counts. Their job is to catch him in a mistake and correct him—they love it! Another game they enjoy is “Is It or Is It Not,” a game where we they determine whether a shape on the board is or is not the shape I say it is. Other math activities have included subitizing with dice, putting numerals in the correct order, and matching numerals to their quantities.

Important Dates

·      Jan 15: MLK Day—No school

·      Jan 18: PBIS reward -- Board Games in the Cafeteria

·      Feb 1:  Spark PTO meeting 6-8 pm

·      Feb 5-7: Parent/Teacher Spring Conferences

·      Feb 8 - 9: PBIS Reward -- Superhero Day

·      Feb 14: Valentine’s Day party

·      Feb 19: No school

Family Photos

Many of our families sent in family photos at the beginning of the year. We have them on a bulletin board for the children to look at and share with their classmates. If you have not sent in a family photo, please do! It is fine to send by email, we can print them here.

Winter Clothing

We go outside on most days, as long as the temperature is 20 degrees or higher (but not if there is precipitation or the wind chill makes it colder than 20). Please make sure your child has adequate clothing to play outdoors for 20 minutes. Gloves and hats are needed most days, especially for the morning class. Remember to label everything!

Classroom Wish List

·      We are ALWAYS in need of 5 oz. paper cups for snack. Thank you!

Ms. Piper and Ms. Sherry

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