November 2017 Attendance Report

ATTENDANCE REPORT for November 2017:

Regular attendance is an important part of a child’s learning, starting with preschool though high school, and beyond. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US TO MAINTAIN GREAT ATTENDANCE TRENDS this school year. Here is data to report from November 2017:


2017 –This Year

Previous Year

Number of Tardies:

67 (whole school)


Thank you for reducing the amount of tardies from last month


December 2016: 73


Number of Absences

297 (whole school)

December 2016: 250



What follows is the Attendance rate for each class during the month of November 2017 with a goal of 96% or higher. Congrats to these parents, students, and teachers! 

Ms. Jo’s Mon – Thurs PM class


Ms. Jill’s Mon – Thurs AM class


Ms. Piper’s Mon – Thurs PM class


Ms. Amy’s Mon / Wed / Fri Am class


Ms. Alyssa’s Full day Mon – Thurs


Ms. Eden’s Mon – Thurs PM class


There were 5 other classes who were very close to meeting the 96% goal, at 94 – 95%.