Childcare Update 12-15-18

We Will Meet Again in 2019
This month is a short month with winter break starting Dec. 21st– Jan. 7th. The first week of the month we are learning about our five senses. The children will learn about all five senses, what they are and how we use them everyday. The children will explore the sense of smell by painting with spices. They will exploretheir sense of touch by making stretchy oobleck with corn starch and dish soap. They will explore their sense of sight by cutting circles to create a rainbow. They will explore their sense of hearing by painting with bells on their paint brushes. And finally they will explore their sense of taste by doing a blind taste test and learning about salty, sweet, bitter and tart foods. Throughout the second week we will be learning
about gingerbread. The children will read several different stories about the gingerbread man. We will be making gingerbread playdough, and designing a gingerbread man trap. The children will be painting on sand paper by using cinnamon sticks. They will also be creating their own gingerbread person and painting with gingerbread puff paint. The last two weeks of the month the children will be learning and exploring win-
ter and creating art projects to celebrate winter break.
The children will be re-introduced to the primary colors of red, blue and yellow. We are also discussing the lower case letters of Xx, Bb, Ff, Nn and Mm. They will work on how to write the letters and about the sounds of the letters. They will also be re-introduced to shapes which will include circle, triangle and square. Our sight words this month are I, Me, and Said.
Important Information:
 Wraparound and Preschool will be closed December 21st—January 7th for winter break
 At nap time your child is welcome to bring in a small blanket that fits in their cubbies. This may help calm them when it is time to rest
 As the weather is changing please remember to switch out your child’s extra clothes and provide a jacket, gloves and hat. Please label everything. We do go outside as much as possible depending on the weather and safety
 Please provide a extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack or leave in their cubby for any accidents that they may have
 We provide small clear tubs for children who have accidents in wraparound. Per licensing we are not allowed to use plastic bags for soiled clothing. If your child has an accident please return the tub back to wraparound.
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