Ms. Mary's Update 2-8-2020

Dear Families,

We will have a Valentine's Day family show and share in our room on Feb. 13th.
Please feel free to join our class at 10:30.  If you are unable to make it at that time, but can come before dismissal, please feel free to sign in at the office and come to our room for the time you are able.  
We will have some Valentine's Day opportunities for you to do with your student.  You will also have an opportunity to play with your student in our classroom!  All of the students have his/her favorite area of our classroom that they enjoy accessing everyday - it will be fun for him/her to show you!
We have 15 students in our morning class.  Please send in Valentine's cards for 15 students if you are participating in the card exchange.  It is easiest if you simply have your student write his or her name on the card and do not address it to friends.  If your student really wants to address the cards, I have included the list of names of all of our friends.
**If you can avoid sending in candy treats please do.  I understand you may have already purchased this.  Please be sure the treats are nut-free.  Thank you!**
I have also had parents print out labels of his/her student's name and label the cards that way.  (This is a great fine motor activity for students and can be less stressful.)  (As well as literacy!) 
There are opportunities for families to make Valentine's boxes in the Makerspace.  Please send in your box if you made one.  Otherwise I will have students decorate bags to collect cards in.
We will eat our regular snack and at about 10:50 we will decorate cookies in our classroom.  If your family would like to donate any of the following items, please email me:
1.  Nut free store bought sugar cookies (2 people)
2.  1 container of sprinkles (2 people)
3.  1 tub of vanilla icing
Thank you so much!
With our best,
Mary and Sherry
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